PhD chpt 1 - Introduction: The Context of Conflict and Outcomes                                                PhD chpt 2 - Study Methods                                                                                                                        Phd chpt 3 -  Behaviour, Ecology and Population of the Buton Macaque                                       PhD chpt 4 -  Farm Geography,  Ecology and Crop Loss                                                                      PhD chpt 5 -  Farmers' Perceptions Towards Crop-raiding                                                               PhD chpt 6 -  Monkeys on Farms                                                                                                         PhD chpt 7 -  Human Activity on Farms and the Effect on Raiding by Monkeys                      PhD chpt 8 -  A Synthesis of Perceptions and Reality                                                                           PhD References    





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Priston, N. E. C. (2005). Crop-Raiding by Macaca Ochreata Brunnescens in Sulawesi: Reality, Perceptions and Outcomes for Conservation, PhD thesis, University of Cambridge Cambridge

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